AI-Powered, Integrated and Managed Security Operations.

Security Orchestrated

Trend Micro's XDR combines with the managed Security Operations Center, plugged into all traffic gateways makes for a truly risk averse environment.

Secutrity Operations Center

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  • Trend Micro Managed XDR
  • Extrac Client Service Portal
  • Extrac Documentation Portal
  • Extrac Reporting Portal


  • 24/7 Remote Australian based Service Desk
  • Reporting


  • Network Deep Discovery Inspector
  • Email Cloud App Security
  • Apex One & Endpoint Sensor
  • Cloud Workload Deep Security
  • Alert monitoring
  • Alert prioritization & investigation
  • Threat hunting

Get one of the best security app and service packs on the market

"Sure there are plenty of security applications in the market. What makes this offering special is the fully managed nature of the service and while its best consumed as part of our IT Support Packages, the SOC can operate independently at scale with full account management and reporting."

- Angus Gill - Managing Director

Tie everything together and coordinate your security response with the SOC.

Start your application.